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Enabling continuous improvement in waste & emission reduction

Industrial processes are key drivers of waste creation in any business. Most of these already have waste management systems in place, however there is almost always an opportunity to make these processes more efficient and sustainable –often significantly so.

Our engineers have specific expertise in brewing, soft drinks and food production, working with clients including Heineken, Muller and Brewdog to create strategic carbon reduction plans, which identify areas of improvement and lead to the optimisation of processes to reduce wastage.

84% say climate change and the drive for a Net Zero carbon future is an opportunity to transform their business.

Whether your driver is cost reduction, or the larger goal of moving towards Net Zero here’s how our consulting engineering team can help:

Process loss reduction

Our engineers help clients uncover opportunities to minimise process waste, and work closely with the management and site teams to drive change.

We identify where you can start making the transition to more sustainable operations, without significant disruption to your business operations.

Energy optimisation

We benchmark industrial processes against best-practice criteria and advise on how to optimise overall performance.

Our engineers give businesses the confidence to harness new solutions and technologies to deliver sustained operational savings.


Carbon strategy

We have proven experience in delivering carbon roadmaps that give industrial clients realistic and achievable paths to Net-Zero.

We establish a baseline of all your operations, identify areas that need optimisation, and factor in potential medium and long term technological solutions. This provides clear milestones that the entire business can understand and buy into.

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Carbon Architecture’s work with BrewDog


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