InMetriks Analytics InMetriks Analytics

Real time data analysis to reduce costs, carbon & risk

A critical layer to existing building management systems

Carbon Architecture’s InMetriks Analytics is a proven platform for the real-time analysis of building and utility system data from complex estates.

Our fully serviced technology realises significant energy and carbon savings, minimises the failure of critical assets, and tracks and verifies the ongoing performance of LZC solutions.

The system is currently underpinning the delivery of long-term NetZero strategies across a broad range of public sector organisations, in particular, combined and local authorities, multiple NHS Trusts and universities.

InMetriks Analytics root causes sub-optimal performance & prioritises corrective action in real-time, adding a critical layer to existing building management systems.

The service is playing a central part in establishing long-term sustainability plans; baselining, optimising and maintaining performance targets.

Benchmarked against international standards

Developed in-line with the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP), InMetriks Analytics is a proven Monitoring & Verification service, designed to be fully automated. This comes as part of a serviced package to help complex, energy intensive organisations optimise asset performance & increase user comfort, whilst providing independent proof of meeting energy, carbon and wellbeing related compliance standards.

Full data transparency

The system reviews the data harvested from existing BMS systems, smart energy meters and IoT in real-time, which gives clients full access to condition based performance trends across their buildings and utility systems. Clients can analyse and report on data insight via custom energy, carbon and fault diagnostics dashboards.

Prioritised actions

Our technical support provides a critical alarm management service, prioritised by cost, carbon and risk. Workflows are designed in-line with service level agreements, and our ticketing system integrates via API to existing CAFM/CMMS systems. The immediate escalation of performance issues to dedicated client side engineering teams or third-party contractors, enables the timely and appropriate closure of works tickets, giving clients the capacity to tackle maintenance backlogs and push for best-in-class operational efficiency.

50% Human, 50% Technology

Although data collection and analysis is fully automated, our dedicated technical support service is underpinned by an experienced and in-house engineering team, with advanced skills in BMS and controls design, and energy efficiency in buildings -including metering and baselining- and project management. This helps us deliver the perfect package of cutting-edge technology and know-how, which ensures ongoing data integrity, and provides a strong foundation for well-conceived NetZero strategy.


A foundation for continuous improvement

  • Verification of Asset Performance¬† The service is currently being used across highly complex operations, to monitor and verify the efficacy of investment in LZC technologies. The independent verification of carbon savings in-line with IPMVP is becoming a key deliverable in capital projects.

  • Increased productivity¬† The real-time monitoring of building and utility system performance, and the conditions within those spaces, enables the optimal use of resources. The InMetriks Analytics service can help organisations deliver savings of up to 30% depending on the scenario, and in most cases we can expect an energy saving of up to 12%.

  • Improved asset life The asset life of utility systems can be extended by ensuring that systems are operating within optimal thresholds. Sub-optimal performance leads to the long-term degradation of systems, and brings more reactive and less strategic investment.

  • Preventive action Real-time fault diagnostics identifies drops in performance, leading to planned and prioritised maintenance models. The move to corrective and preventive actions, reduces the risk of critical failure, and allows for the appropriate use of -often limited- engineering resource.

  • Internet of things (IoT) ready; allowing for enriched and customisable insight The system is device agnostic, meaning that as innovation in building management develops, the InMetriks Analytics system will be able to add data sets from IoT enabled sensor systems. These can be cross-referenced with existing data to derive fresh insight in areas such as occupancy optimisation, and microbial detection in shared spaces. The opportunities are endless.

Delivering multiple levels of service

At the heart of InMetriks Analytics is an advanced, cloud-based big data solution, delivering a smart energy management & analytics service as standard.

The package also enables a number of other layers of service, including:

  • Remote fault resolution
    We do the heavy lifting for you and your teams by resolving simple controls-based faults remotely, and in-line with a pre-agreed service level agreement. This can dramatically reduce the costs associated with call-outs to deal with relatively simple controls issues.

  • BMS optimisation strategy
    The service supports longer term management and investment strategy, by providing in-depth, scheduled deep dives into the BMS controls strategy, with a strong focus on enabling strategic optimisation projects.

  • Estate-wide carbon reduction strategy
    The system combines all your local building data systems into one dashboard, so that together so we can monitor your entire estate. This helps complex organisations take better-informed decisions over where and how to invest in energy and carbon reduction projects.

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Real-Time Data Analytics in the NHS

Carbon Architecture is helping the healthcare sector to identify, introduce and drive efficiencies across their estates to achieve the NHS NetZero 2040 goal.

Real-Time Data Analytics in the NHS

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