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Driving change at the forefront of sustainability

Leading on sustainable change in hospitality

Whether you’re operating a hotel, restaurant or pub business, Carbon Architecture is at the forefront of providing solutions that deliver upon the values and goals of this customer centric sector.

Our extensive knowledge is built on 10 years of cooperation with the sector, and partnerships with the likes of BBPA (British Bar & Pub Association) show how closely we work with thought leaders in the sector.

By sharing best practice and providing services which help hospitality chains deliver significant improvements in efficiency, and a cultural change within their businesses, we embed foundations for continuous improvement across their operations.

We currently support numerous hospitality portfolios throughout the UK, including Punch Pubs & Co and Star Pubs & Bars, as they adapt to the challenges and opportunities that sustainability brings, and continue to thrive.

Hospitality in the UK employs 2.5 million people, so there’s a huge opportunity to drive change through the sector. Plus the majority of workers are Gen Z, and they expect their company to demonstrate a commitment to real world challenges. Sustainability and climate change are right at the top of their agendas.

Net Zero Strategy

The consulting team is working closely with numerous hospitality chains to help them establish their performance baseline and then map out how to transition towards being a Net Zero operation.

We provide compliance services, and full scope carbon roadmaps, which help our clients enable a practical and realistic plan to becoming increasingly sustainable across their business, from their utility consumption through to reducing the impact of their menus.

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Process management

Hospitality is a complex industry, with multiple layers, which help businesses achieve the quick service needed to keep customers happy.

Our team looks for efficiency gains and for where savings on utilities can be made, including alternatives to existing technology.

Projects cover process optimisation within the manufacturing arm of hospitality chains, including decarbonisation, loss reduction solutions and energy management, right through to establishing an environmental management framework like Green Mark across the customer facing side of the business.

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Metering, Monitoring & Targeting

Our proprietary InMetriks software provides a scalable solution for businesses, taking a data driven approach to optimising their estates.

Our integrated solutions provide the tools to deliver a fast return, by helping portfolios manage, qualify and track their utilities. Our team has extensive experience in specifying metering and monitoring software within hospitality.

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