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Making sure your business stays compliant

Carbon Architecture is a trusted partner for numerous organisations across business and industry, and through a combination of in-house expertise and our proprietary InMetriks Compliance software, we ensure our clients remain compliant with mandatory reporting frameworks such as ESOS and SECR.

Over the last decade, our team of chartered engineers in consultation with industrial associations and technical partners, have embedded improvement knowledge into a rich toolkit, which is used to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvement and cost savings.


What is it?


The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), requires large businesses to calculate and report on their energy usage, with no requirement to record emissions related data.

Reporting must be completed by an ESOS Lead Assessor and submitted to the Environment Agency every four years. Failure to comply can lead to significant financial penalties. There is a focus on realising energy efficiency improvements over the period, based on mandatory energy assessments.

What is it?


The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting scheme (SECR) is a reporting requirement used to encourage qualifying businesses to focus on reducing their carbon footprint, as the UK transitions to a more sustainable, Net Zero economy.

The reporting period is designed to align with a company’s existing financial and strategic reporting obligations.

Streamlined ESOS/SECR Compliance

  • Our approach combines the formalities of SECR and ESOS into one offer, delivered over four years. This has a number of benefits; our approach with SECR analysis captures and collates the data required for the ESOS evidence pack, in a very efficient manner. This reduces the total cost and spreads the fee across four annual instalments.

  • Our proprietary software allows us to benchmark performance, from which your organisation can identify & adopt energy efficiency measures. Data really is the key, that’s why we take it so seriously. Clients can access the platform to review their own historical data to meet internal reporting requirements, via our online platform.

  • With a longer term commitment, we work closely with clients, and because we have the data and knowledge of their business, we typically become a trusted partner in all areas of energy efficiency and sustainability. Compliance provides a strong basis for carbon reduction strategies, and we can help you realise the most practical path to Net Zero.

  • By partnering with Carbon Architecture your business will require minimal internal resource to stay compliant. We are always on hand to advise. Managing the analysis & SECR reporting in a structured manner, ensures effective data management, and timely registration of ESOS with the Environment Agency by our ESOS Lead Assessor.

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What is it?


The UK Emissions Trading Scheme is a cap-and-trade system which limits the total level of greenhouse gas emissions. It is essentially a carbon emission trading scheme run by the UK Government.

In creating a carbon market, the cost of polluting acts as a form of deterrent, incentivising the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in energy intensive industries.



What is it?


The certification for Good Quality CHP and CHPQA financial incentives is a government initiative providing a practical, determinate method for assessing all types of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) schemes within the UK.

The main aims of CHPQA are to monitor, assess and improve the quality of UK CHP’s, in a decarbonising landscape.

What is it?

CHP Contract Analysis

Carbon Architecture has a broad experience in the review of CHP contracts, and acts as a mediator in disputes over conditions and penalties where multiple parties are involved in the process.

Our consultants understand the complex conditions embedded within the agreements, and also perform the detailed analysis required to determine the right financial outcomes.


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