Industry image and how we can implement resource efficiency measures

Resource efficiency

Delivering more sustainable production operations

Reducing energy, water and product waste in a range of settings

Improving process efficiency is a core long term target for industry. Whilst most businesses have methods in place to minimise waste from operational processes, our specialised engineering team continue to identify opportunities to drive greater resource efficiency within the food, beverage and manufacturing sectors.

We work with clients across the brewing, dairy and wider manufacturing, to draft and implement waste reduction strategies; monitoring processes, identifying opportunities, setting realistic goals and verifying savings.

Our engineers develop long term relationships with client side technical teams, and together we push for continuous improvement by taking a data driven approach and embracing new advances in technology when it’s viable to do so.

Process waste reduction

Our InMetriks Analytics service identifies best practice and areas for further improvement, for data driven process optimisation.

We work through all phases of your process, working closely with the management and site teams to drive change, and improvement projects which deliver waste and cost savings.

Piping in an industrial setting

Energy Reduction

Baselining your operations against our rich InMetriks database, we identify areas of opportunity within your current equipment, and potential improvements in technology.

Supported by the use of smart technology our consultants are focused on driving down overall demand.

Solar panels in a field

Water & Effluent reduction

With increasing pressure on freshwater supplies, the reduction of water use is high on the agenda of manufacturing businesses from both the cost and environmental perspectives.

The efficient use of raw materials, waste water reuse and reduction all help ensure the safe discharge of wastewater from facilities, and reduce the energy required to reprocess effluent onsite.

Industrial imagery from a distillery


We are minimising the impact our clients’ businesses have on the world, by identifying solutions which allow them to use finite resources as sustainably as possible, while ensuring business resilience and growth.

Resource efficiency

Minimising Energy Intensity of Effluent Treatment

Driving resource efficiency through innovation, while achieving an impressive return on investment

Minimising Effluent Treatment Impact

Factory imagery

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