Helping businesses take advantage of their compliance obligations

Assisting businesses with environmental and energy reporting

Carbon Architecture is working with a variety of organisations to help them navigate their compliance obligations.

Our InMetriks Compliance service underpins the analysis, benchmarking and reporting requirements which enable strong submissions for schemes including SECR, ESOS, UK ETS & CHPQA.

We support numerous businesses including Worldwide Fruit and Volac through all phases of the process, ensuring that they not only remain compliant, but that they also take maximum value from the process as we help them identify opportunities for continuous improvement.



Typically organisations that reach a certain size and achieve a specific level of turnover, will qualify for energy and carbon related compliance schemes within the UK.

Whilst these requirements are currently focused on larger organisations, smaller companies can also begin this process now, and use the regulatory framework to help them drive efficiency.

For more details go to InMetriks Compliance.

Experts in energy & carbon compliance

We have been helping companies for more than 10 years to achieve compliance.

Our team reviews operations, supports organisations as they gather the relevant data, delivers physical audits, and draws up the appropriate reporting in line with requirements. We also submit the reports to the relevant bodies where stipulated.

These processes can be complicated and typically require assistance and oversight from an experienced consultancy to ensure that businesses meet their obligations. Carbon Architecture has supported well over 100 companies to complete and achieve compliance, many of whom remain long term clients.


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