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Powerful utilities management platform drives efficiency

InMetriks M&T gives organisations a distinct advantage as they seek to identify performance trends and cost saving opportunities across their utilities.

Our powerful online toolbox wirelessly captures and queries meter data, and reports on historical trends in consumption, across gas, electricity and water, in a single platform.

A suite of rich reporting functions enables onsite teams and decision makers to focus on taking action to realise savings, and support the delivery of sustainability strategies.

Take well-informed decisions

Cut energy costs

InMetriks M&T streamlines the identification of consumption anomalies, automating data collection and aggregation and so removing the need for the manual analysis and recording of electricity, gas and water usage.

The system gives businesses the confidence to realise significant cost and carbon saving measures, and to effectively track the impact of improvement strategies.

Energy Analysis

Streamline the daily management of utility data

Reveal opportunities. Take action

Our customisable dashboard gives key stakeholders across energy, sustainability and estates, the insight they need to focus on reducing overall consumption and improving the management of utilities.

InMetriks M&T delivers a reliable platform from which to drive data driven decision making across organisations.


All the tools you need for effective energy management

The key features

  • Energy Analysis -tracking usage trends over time, and enabling the identification of consumption anomalies
  • Calculated Meters -metering based on specific calculations
  • Reporting -rich data visualisation in dedicated dashboard
  • Utility Contracts management
  • Alarm set-up -based on user defined tolerances
  • Data Exchange -manually import values in multiple¬†formats
  • Meter scan app option -read meters via QR code and send the data to InMetriks M&T
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