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BrewDog’s carbon footprint & its route to Carbon Neutrality

The Carbon Architecture team established Brewdog’s direct and indirect emissions, and supported the business as it transitioned to becoming a modern carbon neutral operation.

Carbon Architecture were engaged to help BrewDog design their carbon neutrality journey across the whole business from brewing to hospitality. This work involved designing a commercially and technologically viable roadmap. 

Some of the key changes that have been introduced off the back of this work include:

  • Wind energy -all of their UK electricity comes from wind, including that used in their bars.
  • Bio gas -converting their spent grains into green gas.
  • Electric Vehicles -introducing of delivery trucks that run on electricity, and encouraging suppliers to do the same
  • Localised brewing -producing in the countries they operate in, means they don’t have to distribute overseas.

Check out what BrewDog’s co-founder James Watt had to say in this post, where he first described Brewdog’s carbon neutral aspirations and it’s work with Carbon Architecture.

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