Real-Time Data Analytics in the NHS

Carbon Architecture has recently held a number of webinars to introduce its cutting-edge proprietary building analytics service, InMetriks Analytics.

The NHS faces a maintenance backlog of more than £9 billion, and its NetZero 2040 strategy also means that the entire estate is going through a process of rapid decarbonisation. Together, these challenges must be tackled in an environment where the minimisation of operational risk and patient outcomes are front and centre.

During these webinars we have been showing the NHS how the introduction of real-time data analytics can help NHS estates, energy and carbon management teams get a much clearer understanding of how their buildings are performing, giving them full access to their fully collated data.

In the NHS publication Delivering a NetZero National Health Service, it was stated that this technology could reduce the NHS portfolio’s carbon footprint by up to 2.3%, with a return of investment inside 2 years. We believe that these solutions can deliver much more, and this has been proven in our latest projects.

The InMetriks Analytics service is a critical overlay to existing systems and harvests data from BMS, IoT and smart metering to deliver full data transparency, revealing opportunities for the continuous optimisation of buildings.

Our device agnostic service employs the near real-time diagnostics of utility systems and individual assets within those systems, and detects and isolates faults and sub-optimal performance by cross refencing historical and actual performance across multiple data sets -something which BMS systems cannot deliver.

This means that the poor efficiency and failure of assets is minimised, and internal resource is shifted to condition based and preventive works, so that estates and energy teams have more time to focus on long term strategic planning.

About Dan Jackson

Dan Jackson is a process and sustainability consultant. He has experience in helping clients reduce energy and cost in the NHS and across the hospitality supply chain, from breweries to pubs.