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Carbon Architecture attending the IGPP

Recently the Carbon Architecture team attended The National Energy & Sustainability Show which was hosted by the Institute of Government & Public Policy.

This event was hosted in conjunction with the UK government publishing their strategy on increasing the ‘country’s energy independence’ whilst progressing to be Net Zero by 2050, via doubling UK hydrogen production by 2030 and increasing the UK’s current solar capacity fivefold by 2035. Whilst taking into account the UK’s strongest renewable resource, wind, with this in mind offshore wind has been set a new target of 50GW, more than enough to power all homes in England.

From this event, multiple streams were covered, such as:

  • Creation of sustainable cities through the implementation of sustainable transport and utilisation of renewable energy
  • Energy and Carbon savings whilst reducing emissions 
  • Reaching Net Zero in the built environment through better social, environmental and economic outcomes
  • Power purchase agreements within the renewable energy sector and how to navigate this
  • The potential that high energy prices could be pushing a renewable energy shift
  • Helping the Public Sector to decarbonise through smart technology and smart use of energy

In attendance were circa 250 people, all from broad backgrounds and sectors, including, but not limited to, Higher Education, Public Sector bodies, and representatives of the NHS all seeking a way for their organisation to progress towards Net Zero and at the same time insulate themselves from or tackle the energy crisis.

Whilst these talks were of interest and great insight for our team to learn about emerging topics, it was also important that they demonstrated that the wider audience is in need of Net Zero solutions.

We at Carbon Architecture have solutions that not only deal with Net Zero and the energy crisis now but it can prepare your organisation for future ones. Through our consulting, smart building solutions and accreditation services that cover everything from compliance, waste management & reduction, and sustainability, to creating smarter data-rich buildings that complement your Net Zero objectives. Want these solutions in one place?

Come to Carbon Architecture.

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