Delivering BrewDog Tomorrow program

Carbon Architecture are excited to be helping BrewDog deliver their ‘BrewDog Tomorrow’ program. Through this BrewDog aims to be carbon neutral in 24 months.

In a recent LinkedIn post by BrewDog co-founder James Watt, he describes Brewdog’s carbon neutral aspirations, including an ambitious target of being carbon neutral in the next 24 months.

Carbon Architecture are engaged to help BrewDog design their neutrality journey across the whole business from brewing to hospitality. This work involves calculating the carbon footprint of the company and designing a viable route to neutrality. Over the next few years we will be helping Brewdog measure and verify their progress towards this goal.

If you are interested in developing a viable and costed route to carbon neutrality then please get in touch with our team.

About Dan Jackson

Dan Jackson is a process and sustainability consultant. He has experience in helping clients reduce energy and cost in the NHS and across the hospitality supply chain, from breweries to pubs.