Introducing our New Team Member: Tamer Hijaz

Introduction, background studies and experience

Hi, my name is Tamer and I’m working as a process and sustainability consultant here at Carbon Architecture. I grew up in the UAE where I completed my A-levels before moving to the UK to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Leeds.

At university my research project focused on the use of bio-butanol as a component in fuel for car engines. I investigated the life cycle of the fuel in comparison to other isomers and went on to investigate its effects on the performance of an engine. Before that, my third-year design project involved the design of a coal combustion carbon capture pilot plant.

My professional experience started working as a manufacturing engineer for Procter & Gamble where I was tasked with improving the performance of the Old Spice manufacturing line. I left P&G to pursue a job in sustainability at Bulb Energy as an energy specialist. Finally, I joined Carbon Architecture as the role enables me to work in a field that is a combination of both engineering and sustainability.

What do you believe Carbon Architecture will offer?

Carbon Architecture offers me exposure to a variety of different industries, each with their own unique problems. At an early stage in my career, I believe exposure will help me grow rapidly, both professionally and personally. Working in a close-knit team provides me with the opportunity to face new challenges whilst being closely mentored and guided by the senior members of the organisation.

What do you hope you will be able to achieve in the next 3 years?

Over the next three years I hope to learn from the challenges faced during project work, whilst simultaneously contributing back to the company to help it grow and reach its targets. I hope to gain significant experience and become chartered in the not so distant future.

What are your hobbies?

My main hobby is football, which I love to watch and play. I take part in a league and two cups consisting of 16 teams. Football takes up most of my Sundays but I enjoy spending my remaining time with family and friends. I also enjoy travelling whenever I have the time (and money).