Public Sector Funding Secured for Hospital Lighting Upgrade

Carbon Architecture have successfully secured over £850k of funding to replace the lighting at a London NHS Trust. The majority of lighting at an acute London hospital will be replaced by eco-friendly LED fittings by the end of Summer 2020, saving the equivalent of 800 homes’ electricity use.

Carbon Architecture are also helping to implement the project, which is currently underway. The works will release circa £200k in energy savings each year, funding further improvements in patient care.

Other benefits are:
• Bright and comfortable lighting for patients.
• Reduced carbon emissions, equivalent to planting 28,400 trees.
• Saves 2,440,000 kWh of energy each year.

Carbon Architecture completed the bid application for the Hospital and successfully secured all of the £856,000 required for this upgrade from the national body NHS Improvement.

Work has begun and the new LED fittings are already installed in some parts of the Hospital, including the large Jubilee Wing that has 11 wards. In total, 6,327 lights will be upgraded.

Read more about the works here

About Dan Jackson

Dan Jackson is a process and sustainability consultant. He has experience in helping clients reduce energy and cost in the NHS and across the hospitality supply chain, from breweries to pubs.