Introducing Our Newest Team Member: Emma Scott

Introduction, background studies and experience

Hi, my name is Emma and I started working at Carbon Architecture in March. I am originally from Manchester, and I went on to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath. There I became interested in water and waste treatment and focused my studies in these areas. I conducted a 4 month research project on enhancing the removal of nitrogen and phosphorous from waste water. For my masters I designed a seawater desalination process which included the design of a reverse osmosis unit.

I have previous experience in both the automotive and oil and gas industry. In the automotive industry I focused on process improvement, management and lean principles. Whereas during my time in the oil and gas industry I worked as a process engineer assisting in the running of the waste water plant and the utilities, including the softener, boilers and monitoring and reducing energy use.


What do you believe Carbon Architecture will offer?

Carbon Architecture has given me the fantastic opportunity to pursue a career in the sector that I have developed an interest in. I am excited about the opportunity to work with many companies within the dairy, brewing and health (NHS) sectors to assist in reducing and optimising their use of energy, water and waste. From what I have seen so far, Carbon Architecture has an excellent working environment which supports their employees to grow and expand their skills.


What do you hope you will be able to achieve in the next 3 years?

I hope to grow my knowledge and experience in improving industry’s waste, energy and water efficiency, and find significant savings and improvements for clients. I’m also looking forward to supporting clients in the completion of the ESOS assessments and assist them in finding significant energy saving solutions. During the next 3 years I am also hoping to become a chartered engineer through the IChemE.


What are your hobbies?

I enjoy spending my weekends and holidays outdoors (when it’s not raining), and I have recently taken up bouldering, for when it is raining! I grew up next to the peak district so I enjoy going back in the summer for camping, hiking and BBQs. Having recently moved to London, I currently spend much of my spare time with friends, exploring and trying to find the best food, pubs and parks London has to offer.