ESOS Phase 2 – Act Now, Save Later

A recent published ESOS Phase 1 report from The department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) revealed some fascinating insight

Evidence from the report shows that many organisations delayed the start of their ESOS assessments until a time close to the compliance deadline.

This may have been down to an lack of knowledge or a case of “head in the sand” but the result led to a surge in demand and a squeeze on assessor availability. The result led to many assessors increasing the cost of their services, whilst at the same time limiting the amount of time dedicated to each business assessment.

Reports show that in October 2015  the average cost for an ESOS audit was £6,200 compared to it’s peak at the deadline in December 2016 to be £12,587; double the price paid, this coupled with a big fall in perceived value for money (VFM).

The lesson here:
  • Sign up early with your assessor and agree project time frames
  • Gain internal director buy in
  • Set the scope & plan your assessment
  • Focus on the end result, which is not only compliance but also implementation of the identified savings

Acting early avoids hiked costs, increases productive time with your assessor and avoids disappointment in delivery.

The full report can be found here

Carbon Architecture have already secured many ESOS Phase 2 assessments, with audits taking place throughout Q2 to Q4 for 2018

If you’d like to secure your place – please contact Tim Roebuck 07572 699 036