Medium Combustion Plant Directive – What it Means For Your Business

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive or MCPD (2015/2193) will pass into UK Law on the 19th of December 2017. It will apply to all operators and owners of combustion plant rated between 1 MW and 50 MW thermal input.

For existing plant it doesn’t apply until 2024 (or 2029) depending on size of plant so it is still a way off. Basically that there will be more stringent emissions limit values (ELV’s) going forward for anything that burns fuel e.g. CHP, boilers rated 1MW to 50 MW (steam boilers over 1.4 tonne).

In a nutshell, what could it mean for your business?

  • If you’re firing a gaseous fuel from a mainstream source such as natural gas or LPG you will probably already comply with the proposed limits for NOX for existing plant.
  • Rules controlling the amount of sulphur in liquid fuels will mean that diesel / gas oil fired plant will automatically meet the proposed ELV’s.
  • HFO fired plant will not meet the ELV’s for SO2 or particulates without abatement so action may be required.

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