Reducing Dairy Process Loss

Milk to drain

Project Background

In a dairy transfer losses can represent 30% to 60% of the total waste cost of the site. In this case, the total product loss to effluent was estimated at £2m per year or 2% based on site mass balance and corroborated with COD load.

What we did

Map the process

  • Identify the main transfer losses drainage points


  • Set up a methodology to measure the COD load equivalent of all transfer losses listed in order to quantify the current state.
  • 61 objects from 4 areas tested with 8 samples per item over two months
  • £1.5m of transfer losses quantified.

Transfer loss Savings Graph


  • Prioritise losses by value, investigate the cause    and correct the issue
  • 300+ settings changes implemented


  • Daily/Weekly Management Process established
  • KPI identified and monitored
  • SOP and training procedures updated


  • Sustained reduction and saving
  • £1.1m/year savings delivered

Cost of transfer loss Graph