Hospitality Energy Best Practice Guide

A new book aimed at saving money in pubs and hotels has been published by the British Beer and Pub Association BBPA and Carbon Architecture

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The book ‘Pub and Hospitality – Energy Best Practice Guidelines’ is a hands-on series of practical fact sheets looking at all types of venue and takes in lighting, heating, catering, cellars and accommodation.

Utilities are a significant cost to pubs, contributing up to 15 per cent of business costs. These costs are predominantly energy and will continue to grow into the future if no action is taken to reduce energy use. Cutting energy use brings other benefits too – many customers appreciate organisations that care for our environment. And with advice from TRVs and heat zoning to hot water sterilant technology there’s something for everyone!

Annette Lyons of Green King said:

What a useful series of facts sheets! Greene King is really fast at addressing energy issues but there are still lots of good tips – for example I’ve never seen water timers in use so that’s one for my list. And when budget is being allocated for new equipment and consumables, considering diverting cash to a boiler upgrade is good thinking.

The ‘hard facts’ statistics are really good – spend a little now to save more later. And of course, the book is right about cellar insulation – a traditionally weak area and rarely upgraded. Good stuff!

Publican Reg Pearson added:

An excellent little book with great ideas for energy saving and much information regarding maximising energy efficiencies. Quite a few ‘seasoned’ licensees’ main priorities are focused on profit margins for both food & drink. While this is of utmost importance, many fail to address the energy consumption required to run a successful pub.

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About Dan Jackson

Dan Jackson is a process and sustainability consultant. He has experience in helping clients reduce energy and cost in the NHS and across the hospitality supply chain, from breweries to pubs.