5th UK Carbon Budget is Set

At the end of June the Government agreed to set the fifth carbon budget at the level recommended by the Committee on Climate Change. A week later The Committee on Climate Change released a the set of data that underpinned their advice.

The Committee recommended a 57% reduction in UK emissions from 2028-2032 on 1990 levels. The dataset describes the ‘Central’ scenario, which was the committees best estimate of the least cost path to the UK’s 2050 target.

The dataset is freely available here. It contains the following information for each sector of the UK economy, covering the period 2015-2035:

  • Emissions and fuel consumption for both the ‘Central’ carbon budget scenario and a ‘Baseline’ scenario (which assumes no action beyond policies existing in 2008, before carbon budgets began).
  • The technologies and behaviours that can deliver the Central scenario: their deployment over time and their individual impacts on emissions and fuel consumption.

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