The Most Innovative Energy Efficiency Product of 2013 Has Arrived!

Every so often, a piece of technology is created which changes the way we think about particular problems. A ‘Game Changer’, if you like.

Effbox is just that, an intelligent control device which tackles inefficiency in refrigeration plants and chillers so brilliantly, you will ask yourself, why hasn’t someone invented this before?

Will Todd and Tim Oxtoby, a pair of Chartered Engineers had searched for years for a product which would effectively control discharge pressure in refrigeration plants and chillers. They never found it. So, in 2012, they invented it, built it, tested it, proved it worked and now Effbox is ready for delivery.

Visit Us Now and learn about how Effbox can save you between 6% and 20% of your electricity usage on the compressor and fan energy and how we can provide a payback in 2 Years.

Spend A Little, Save A Lot!

We appreciate that making an investment in energy efficiency technology can be fraught with doubt, there’s always a risk you won’t get your money back. Fortunately, with Effbox, you can have a very low initial outlay for a pilot, you can prove the results in about a month and then you can schedule a roll-out with total confidence.

With Return On your Investment (ROI) typically coming within 2 Years, Effbox really is one of the safest ‘quick win’ efficiency purchases you can make.

Our core values are integrity, transparency and putting the customer first. For that reason, we’ve put the price of Effbox on the website, so that you always know what you should be paying.

Effbox, Straight Talking EFFiciency in a BOX!

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The Effbox Team.

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How Does it Work?

Imagine Pumping Up A Tyre By Hand…

…the higher the pressure you want to pump the tyre to, the harder you have to work.  Simple logic.  Effbox transfers this logic to refrigeration and chiller plant.

By controlling the condenser according to the ambient temperature, humidity and the current cooling load on the plant, we minimise the pressure at which the compressor needs to pump the refrigerant gas to at all times. This in turn saves Energy.

Of course, there is more science to it than that, So, if you want to know more, contact us.