New Product – Floating Head Pressure Control

Carbon Architecture launch their Floating Head Pressure Controller, a device for minimising the energy of refrigeration plants.

The floating head pressure controller is a device designed to optimise the temperature difference between the condenser and the ambient conditions. It reduces the pressure to which the refrigerant must be compressed, reducing the power consumption of the refrigeration plant.

Will Todd, Director

In temperate climates, floating the head pressure of a refrigeration plant to match weather conditions and plant loading can increase the efficiency of refrigeration systems by over 20%. We are very excited about the launch of our product which should have wide applicability as a retrofit across the commercial and industrial sectors.

Cost is often an issue when trying to make the business case for retrofitting efficiency technologies in non industrial applications, however, our patent pending approach has allowed us to keep product costs to a level where the business case should even add up in smaller commercial applications.

The first units have been installed at a multinational dairy located in the UK and are being used to prove the business case for the wider adoption of this technology.

We are actively seeking refrigeration contractors and channel partners to specify and install the product. Interested parties should contact me directly.

Please click this link to visit our product web page or contact us directly for more information.