Hospitality Energy Management

Commercial and hospitality energy use is often not monitored or controlled in an efficient manner. This can lead to excessive energy consumption, uncomfortable environments or quality issues. Carbon Architecture have developed a system that allows energy use to be accurately monitored and to controlled to highlight and implement behavioural and technology cost reduction opportunities.

Our system provides the ability to:-

  • Monitor energy use across your building
  • Identify equipment or behaviours that can be changed to reduce energy spend
  • Maintain product quality and repeatability
  • Notify if any equipment has or is likely to fail
  • Carry out control interventions (mini BMS)
  • Lengthen maintenance intervals
  • Reduce equipment failure rates


The system provides you with live energy use of any electrical item in your building. The system is self-learning, it notifies you when there is a problem before you know yourself! It uses in-depth algorithms to notify you when your equipment is likely to fail – No more failures leading to lost sales.

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