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Monitoring Carbon Savings across the Greater Manchester Combined Authority

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Carbon Architecture is helping Greater Manchester Combined Authority monitor the carbon and energy saving performance of its public sector buildings as part of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.

Our proprietary InMetriks Analytics service will be used to provide an advanced data management platform, enabling the performance management and accurate reporting of carbon savings of more than 700 energy conservation measures.

Councillor Martyn Cox, GMCA lead for the Green City Region, Waste and Recycling, feels that monitoring the impact of energy efficiency investments is a critical part of the GMCA’s plan to reach its target of becoming a carbon neutral city region by 2038:

Monitoring the impact that energy efficiency improvements are having will be vital to meeting that target, helping ensure we can fine tune our approach to reduce carbon as much as possible, whilst also providing valuable insight for the reduction of carbon and improved energy efficiency at other sites across the city-region.”

Our partnership with the GMCA will ensure that Salix Finance receives independent verification of the carbon savings being delivered by retrofitting measures, on behalf of 16 public sector partners through until 2025. Reporting will also allow partners to identify system efficiency issues so that they can act quickly and decisively to ensure that new installations continue to deliver the energy savings expected.

Will Todd, Managing Director at Carbon Architecture said:

“This project is really one of a kind. GMCA’s partners will be able to review the integrity of the feasibility studies their grant applications were based on, and Salix can use the independent verification to take better informed, data- driven decisions over future rounds of PSDS.

It’s really exciting that this has the potential to ensure that funding can be better directed at proven solutions.”

The service being provided by Carbon Architecture follows Greater Manchester receiving over £78m from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS), funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and delivered by Salix Finance. The PSDS is supporting energy efficiency upgrades to more than 200 public buildings across Greater Manchester, with buildings and organisations across the public estate benefiting from retrofitting measures including leisure centres, schools, and offices.

In total, the works are expected to support the creation or safeguarding of around 2,000 jobs throughout the city-region and will support the goals of Greater Manchester’s Five-Year Environment Plan, including becoming carbon neutral by 2038 – 12 years ahead of the national target.


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